1890 (?) Gualtherus and Griselda

“Gualtherus and Griselda.”  Lausanne, Switzerland(?)  c1890.

Once again my abysmal lack of knowledge has made itself known.  These two prints:  “Gualtherus and Griselda.” and “Griselda returning to her father” have made their way to me without attribution, source, or date.  There is, penciled on the back of the prints the date, “1890” and the words, “Lausanne, Switzerland.”  The seller indicated the possibility the prints are by Lady Diana Beauclerk, but I have been able to find nothing to support this.  The first is similar to the print of “Gualtherus and Griselda” in Angelica’s Ladies Library.

If you have any information about these prints, please let me know.

Gualtherus and Griselda

Griselda returning to her father


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