1787 John Mortimer

The Mortimer prints were originally meant for inclusion in an elaborate edition that never materialized.  (See the Betsy Bowden essay, “Tales Told and Tellers of Tales: Illustrations of the Canterbury Tales in the Course of the Eighteenth Century” in Chaucer Illustrated: Five Hundred Years of The Canterbury Tales in Pictures edited by William K. Finley and Joseph Rosenblum.

Mortimer made nine prints for this series.  The prints I am missing are “Departure of the Canterbury Pilgrims” and “January and May.”


3 Responses to 1787 John Mortimer

  1. Julie Cleeveley says:

    I’ve got Departure of the Canterbury Pilgrims

    • You are lucky. I wish I also had a copy of this print. If there is a margin around your print, would it be possible to look at the print back-lit and tell me if there are any watermarks, and if there are, what the marks are? I am trying to determine when prints were pulled from the original plates. Thank you for your help.

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