Pardoner’s Tale Revisited

In “The Pardoner’s Tale” three wastrels are looking for death when they find an old man who tells them where death is to be found.  When they get there, they think they have found the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  But the old man was telling them the truth.  What they found was their own deaths.

This woodblock print is printed on Somerset paper with Graphic Chemical Bone Black Ink and then hand colored.

Rainbow's End-Pardoner's Tale

Rainbow’s End

The glitter, glitter, glitter overwhelms
The rainbow.  Dawn and gold and promises
Are disregarded.  Metaphoric pearls
Are egg shells shattered, ground into the dust.
Emerald leaves have turned a sickly green,
And rusted rubies scattered in the dirt
Command disintegrated thoughts and dreams.
Though rain-fresh webs connect the future, joy
Is tarnished.  Redolent with springtime, life
Is hidden by illusion.  Darkness reigns.

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