Illustrations of The Pilgrims in a Group

I am trying to compile a list of illustrations of the pilgrims in a group either at the Tabard Inn, leaving the Tabard Inn, or on their pilgrimage. If you know images from books or magazines printed before 1850 that I do not have listed, please let me know.

1483    Caxton’s “Canterbury Tales.” from the 1973 Magdalene College facsimile, The pilgrims at the Tabard Inn.

1492    Pynson’s Canterbury Tales.  Canterbury Pilgrims having dinner at the Tabard Inn.

1721    Urry, John, Ed. The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Compared with the Former Editions, and many valuable MSS. Out of which, Three TALES, Out of which, Three TALES are added which were never before Printed. London: Bernard Lintot, 1721. “Procession of the Pilgrims.”

1782    Bell’s Edition: The Poets of Great Britain.  frontispage.  “Chaucer Vol. 1. “Fayn wolde I do you mirthe.”  Stothard.  Engraved by Grignion.  Reprinted in vol. 2 of the 1807 edition.

1787    “Departure of the Canterbury Pilgrims.”  John Mortimer

1793    Anderson, Robert, Ed. Complete Edition of the Poets of Great Britain. London: John and Arthur Arch., 1793. E. Burney del., F. Chisham sculpt. “Chaucer, The Wife of Bath and Pilgrims from the title page of Volume 1”. Other sources list the first edition as having been printed in 1795 but this copy lists 1793 as the publication date.

1798    Tyrwhitt, Thomas. The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer to Which are Added An Essay on his Language and Versification, and an Introductory Discourse: Together with Notes and a Glossary. Oxford: At the Clarendon Press, 1798. “Departure of the Canterbury Pilgrims.” John Mortimer

1807    Bells’s Edition: The Poets of Great Britain” Vol. 14. “The Pilgrimage to Canterbury.”  William Stothard.del.  Delattre, sculpt.

1808    “Chaucer’s Canterbury Pilgrims.”  William Blake.

1822    Tyrwhitt, Thomas, ed. The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer; with an essay upon his language and versification, an introductory discourse, notes, and a glossary. London: W. Pickering, 1822. This is the much better known, first Pickering edition published in 1822. On the frontispiece of Vol. 2 is an incredibly detailed reproduction of the large original Stothard original engraving. This engraving measures 6 3/4″ x 2″.  This reproduction of Stothard’s print measures 6 3/4″ x 2″ and was engraved by W.H. Worthington.

1822    Singer, Samuel Weller.  Poems of Geoffrey Chaucer. Chiswick edition.  The Tate Gallery lists it as c. 1820.Canterbury Pilgrims on the frontispiece engraved by Stothard.  This is based on but not the same as the original Stothard print.  It is much smaller and does not include all the pilgrims in the original.

1824    Lewis, William Greatheed, ed. Canterbury Tales and Other Poems. London: Thomas Dolby, 1825. This edition is listed in Hammond as Dolby edition, but it was originally published by The Cumberland in 1824 or 1825.  Half-title page.

1828    Samuel Henning bronze relief based on the Stothard print.  Reproduced in several editions.

1828    The Beauties of the British Poets. London: R.B. Seeley and W. Burnside.  “And pilgrims were they all that toward Canterbury wolden ride.”  Image uses the pilgrims that are in the middle of the Stothard print.

1830    Tyrwhitt, Thomas, ed. The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer; With An Essay On His Language And Versification, An Introductory Discourse, Notes, And A Glossary. London: William Pickering, This reproduction of Stothard’s print measures 6 3/4″ x 2″ and was engraved by W.H. Worthington.

1833    Clarke, Charles Cowden, trans. Tales from Chaucer, In Prose. Designed Chiefly For The Use of Young Persons. London: Effingham Wilson “Procession of the Pilgrims to Canterbury.”

1833    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction: Containing Original Essays; Historical narrative; Biographical Memoirs; Sketches of Society; Topographical Descriptions; Novels, and Tales; Anecdotes; Select Extracts from New and Expensive Works; Poetry, Original and Selected; The Spirit of the Public Journals; Discoveries in the Arts and Sciences; Useful Domestic Hints; etc. etc. etc. Vol. XXII. London: J. Limbird, 1833. Title page of The Mirror, Saturday, September 21, 1833: “The Canterbury Pilgrims, and the Tabard Inn, Southwark.”

1833    Clarke, Charles Cowden, trans. Tales from Chaucer, In Prose.  Designed Chiefly For The Use of Young Persons. London: Effingham Wilson.  Frontispiece.

1835    Clarke, Charles Cowden, trans. The Riches of Chaucer: In Which His Impurities Have Been Expunged; His Spelling Modernised; His Rhythm Accentuated; and His Obsolete Terms Explained. Also Have Been Added A Few Explanatory Notes, and A New Memoir of the Poet. In Two Volumes.  London: Effingham Wilson, 1835. “The Procession to Canterbury.”

1845    Tyrwhitt, Thomas, ed. The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. With Memoir by Harris Nicolas. London: William Pickering, 1845. Vol. 1. The size of the reworked Stothard image in this edition is 3/4″ x 2″. “Departure of Canterbury Pilgrims.”

1845    Old England: A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Baronial, Municipal, and Popular Antiquities. London: Charles Knight and Co., 1845. Reprinted in 1846 and 1847.  “The Tabard.”  The Pilgrims eating and drinking at the Tabard Inn.

1849    Art Journal.  George Virtue, ed. London, 1849.  “The Tabard Inn: The Night Before the Pilgrimage.”  p. 111.

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