The images on this site are listed chronologically by either editor, illustrator, title, or author depending on the source; and since everything has been scanned from books, magazines, or prints in my collection it is possible the dates listed are not the initial publication dates.  If it seems to me that it is easier for someone to find the images by first accessing the edition, then the images are listed by editor and edition.  If the images are to be found in a magazine then they are listed and grouped under the title of the magazine.  They are only listed by artist if the prints are not part of a separate publication such as the prints of John Mortimer.  If you run your cursor along the dates at the top of the page, you will find drop-down menus.  When you get to the decade you want, slide your cursor down to the year or the edition you are looking for and then click.  You will then be taken to the page holding images for that particular book, magazine, or print.

The bibliographical information for the book or magazine is to be found on the initial web page for that book, and the images are labeled as follows:  The page of the book on which the print is found followed by either the title of that print or the tale or poem the image is meant to illustrate.  For example, the image labeled “177-The Tabard Inn” refers to page 177 of the September 21, 1833 issue of The Mirror magazine and is an etching of the Tabard Inn.  The bibliographical information for The Mirror is found separately on the same page.


This work in progress attempts to document the way Chaucer and his works have been imagined in print from Caxton to the twentieth century.   For speed of loading, and the amount of space I am allowed by WordPress, each picture is usually less than 100K rather than the 500K to five meg original images I have on my computer; so if you need a higher resolution image please let me know.

Robert Simola,
Collector of editions of Chaucer and chauceriana.


4 Responses to Home

  1. Hi — there’s a new one coming in 2016 !!!
    from The Bradford Exchange Press
    email me for more info —  TOM

  2. Charles W Spurgeon says:

    My dear Robert, I have just discovered your “Chaucer Editions” and feel rather stunned: what a wealth of resources you have given us so freely. I look forward to browsing your editions for many hours in the future and to sharing them with my students at Marymount California University. Many, many thanks for your generosity and scholarly work!
    Dr Charles W Spurgeon, professor emeritus, cspurgeon@marymountcalifornia.edu

  3. Andrew Galloway says:

    Dear Mr. Simola, This is a wonderful site and collection! thank you very much for your generosity in sharing these images and bibliographic details. yours, Andy Galloway (English prof., Cornell U)

    • Thank you for your kind words. While I am just a Chaucerian manque, I do have about 2,000 separate editions of the works of Chaucer (including yours) so if you find yourself in need of images more recent than 1923, please let me know.

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